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Where are all the Effexor babies?

I was just sitting here looking at pictures of Christiane Shultz and her baby Matthew’s pictures. The question crossed my mind of how many people have actually lost their infants to Effexor? No doctor is going to tell you that it was due to the medication. For one thing, they don’t want to get sued, and for another, they have no clue what it is they are prescribing except for what the cutie from the pharmaceutical company has told them. Big Pharma says there is no science to conclude this drug to be as dangerous as they already admit it could be (read the manufacter warning labels for exposure of Effexor during pregnancy and breastfeeding). But really how are they supposed to know if no testing has been done, right? Currently that is their safety net. Surely Christiane and myself and our families are not the only ones who have had such heartbreaking loss due to this horrible drug. But if you look on the internet there is not much posted except for the warnings.

Where are our Effexor babies? Are they just getting passed over and not being given the right to tell their story, just because  the lack of science? They have obviously had to do some research to come up with their warnings so where is all the science? And how do we get Effexor danger out from being  in the closet?  When do greiving families get to know the truth about what really happened? Every time I see an obituary for an infant who died of “SIDS” I wonder if the mother was using antidepressants. The more people that we can get to come forward and say it may be possible that they too have lost an infant to Effexor, the more voices – the louder our cry will be. In doing so we are able to reach out to  those that may put a stop to this murderous act. No one deserves to be used as an experiment, and I just wonder how many out there are questioning with no solid answers as I have.


My eyes are wide open…

I used to think ignorance was bliss, the less I knew of the dangers out there the better. I grew up in a small town and have always carried that mentality throughout life. Listen to your elders, respect your neighbors, honor your parents etc. I still believe in old school tradition although it is long since the days of trusting just anyone. What happened to the days of innocence? Now people are taking advantage of others  left and right just to satisfy their own personal greed, with no sense of responsibility for their actions.

I realize that doctors are not God, but the average person trusts that they are pretty much close to it. That’s why they make the big bucks, right? We all trust they know what they are doing…  Now that I see the bigger picture, I realize that  doctors have at their  fingertips any number of chemicals that take the fundamentals out of our healthcare system. They don’t teach healthy living, they are promoting disease, by ignoring the basic communication of our bodies. This method of practicing medicine is being abused to no avail and doctors are becoming lost in the network of  bigger, faster, better, more. 

I am a victim of the ignorance of my doctors, who blatantly disregarded any warnings and told me my baby would be just fine during my pregnancy and with breastfeeding.  They allowed my baby girl to suffer and die, because they didn’t find it necessary to take the time to research what they were so willing to give out.  Now I sit and ask myself  how I could have been so blind. What made me look the other way? And how could I have put my baby at risk the way I did? 

It all comes down to trust. I trusted. This came at such a huge price to me and my family. The only way I can even deal with the guilt is to try and think of a reason why this had to happen, because I know now that I can’t always trust in doctors but I feel in my heart that I can still trust in God. I know he would not have let this happen if it were not for some seriously important reason. I believe Indiana did what she had to do so that people will realize what hell lies out there.  It is no coincidence that in time this coincides with the MOTHERS Act. She is trying to voice her truth to those who will listen. Indiana Star is my angel and she has a purpose to her life, and by damn I owe it to her to help and do what I can so that other mothers and fathers and children will not have to go through the pain, loss, and guilt, that has torn through our hearts. 

This whole ugly problem is all about greed and who gets what out of it. Really? Is it that hard to determine between right and wrong? I do know that my four year old knows the difference and it all comes down to his time outs, his responsibility for his actions. He has the fundamentals of what it takes to be a good person.

I ask myself “Well doesn’t it hurt their buisness when they get sued?”

No, I find out! They might be sued for four billion dollars but there making forty billion dollars on top of that! They don’t care, they are still bringing in outrageous amounts of money and our government is letting them get away with it because,  Why? I have asked myself this question over and over again but there is not one answer that could possibly make sense of this type of horrible injustice… 

Right now they have no responsibility for what they are doing.  Our country is in for a hell like no other if the MOTHERS Act passes, or the doctors continue to be ignorant about such issues and I pray for all those innocent victims out there. Our healthcare system is failing us, but I will not be one to lay down and take it. Indiana means too much to me to just chalk this up to just another accident and let big pharma get away with having no respect for life.

This is far from over, and in fact our family’s  journey has just begun. I look forward to doing my part in stopping this unbelievable crime and truly giving Indiana her voice to do so. Bless all of you out there searching for answers, do what your heart tells you and know there is a network of support.

In Memory of Indiana

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