Where are all the Effexor babies?

I was just sitting here looking at pictures of Christiane Shultz and her baby Matthew’s pictures. The question crossed my mind of how many people have actually lost their infants to Effexor? No doctor is going to tell you that it was due to the medication. For one thing, they don’t want to get sued, and for another, they have no clue what it is they are prescribing except for what the cutie from the pharmaceutical company has told them. Big Pharma says there is no science to conclude this drug to be as dangerous as they already admit it could be (read the manufacter warning labels for exposure of Effexor during pregnancy and breastfeeding). But really how are they supposed to know if no testing has been done, right? Currently that is their safety net. Surely Christiane and myself and our families are not the only ones who have had such heartbreaking loss due to this horrible drug. But if you look on the internet there is not much posted except for the warnings.

Where are our Effexor babies? Are they just getting passed over and not being given the right to tell their story, just because  the lack of science? They have obviously had to do some research to come up with their warnings so where is all the science? And how do we get Effexor danger out from being  in the closet?  When do greiving families get to know the truth about what really happened? Every time I see an obituary for an infant who died of “SIDS” I wonder if the mother was using antidepressants. The more people that we can get to come forward and say it may be possible that they too have lost an infant to Effexor, the more voices – the louder our cry will be. In doing so we are able to reach out to  those that may put a stop to this murderous act. No one deserves to be used as an experiment, and I just wonder how many out there are questioning with no solid answers as I have.


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